4 Reasons Why Educators Need Thirst For Power

4 Reasons Why Educators Need Thirst for Power


2016 National Smithsonian Game Jam Photo by: Trish Mace

1. Thirst for Power Makes Learning Fun

Students retain knowledge better with social group learning. With Thirst for Power, players have fun competing to balance a mix of energy supplies with available water resources, while minimizing environmental damage,


Can wind energy give us what we need?

2. Thirst for Power Models Real-world Challenges

Through game play, students valuable lessons about the close interplay of these three factors in the real world. While pursuing an energy strategy, students encounter roadblocks or opportunities represented by changes in government policy, technological advances, and climatic effects.


3. Thirst for Power is Scientifically Rigorous

As partners in game development, scientists at a national laboratory provided real-world estimates of the energy output of wide range of energy sources, their water requirements, and their environmental cost.

4. Thirst for Power Provides a Delightful Low-cost Enhancement to Curricula

Educators have tight budgets and we help you stretch those dollars with a 25% discount over an already-low cost for the game.



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